Walking On Glass - Hand Engraved Glass & Crystal by Alexis Valentine.

POWER OF THE B aOfficial Engraver for Simpsons of Carnoustie Golf Shop, Carnoustie, Scotland.

You can now see my work at 'BARRICA IN THE PARK' Astley Hall, Chorley, Lancashire where I have a permanent display of my Art Pieces and Walking Glasses available to purchase.

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TEL : 01706231722 MOB: 07980354727OAK LEAF DECANTER AND STOPPER

 "Hi I'm Alexis Valentine engraver at Walking On Glass... welcome to my website!"

You can contact me now for your bespoke commissioned engravings either by going to my contact page here or emailing me directly at  [email protected] 

Let me know what you require and I will do my very best for you!

Alexis Valentine Glass Engraver at Walking on Glass

I create high quality, unique engravings on glass & crystal using hand drilling, stippling & sandcarving techniques. I use diamond drill bits similar to the ones I used to use as a Dental Technician making Crown & Bridgework in a small laboratory in Bolton where I worked for 32 years. Click here to read more about my story.


Small Sanders & Wallace Glassmakers hand blown crystal bowl, approx 11cm high x 10cm wide (Above), hand drill engraved by myself as a personal gift commissioned for my customer to be given to her mother. The bowl was engraved all around with points of interest from her fathers garden and was engraved in memory of him and the things that he loved most.

ST JAMES all colour dove up

St James Parish Church Baptismal Bowl 24cm x 24cm (Above) engraved in memory of Fr Terry Murnane vicar of the parish 2016 - 2018 and Blessed by the Bishop of Burnley, Philip North on the 28th April 2019. If you would like to know more about the engraving of these baptismal bowls please follow this link - Church Baptism Bowls.

Forest Bride - The Woodland Path (Below) the second of an ongoing series of Forest Bride Goblet hand engraved goblets.


I'm proud of the fact that I can create engravings entirely by hand using a rotary hand drill and have developed my own skills and techniques to do this. I also use some sandblasting to engrave and produce different effects and combine those techniques in imaginative ways to achieve striking results on glass and crystal.


Even after all of those 32 years or around 32,000 hours using a hand drill with my right hand in the Dental Laboratory and having well over 4 years or around 4,500 hours experience using the drill with my left hand as a glass engraver under my belt, I am still learning and improving my craft of glass engraving. There always seems to be a new technique or skill to master so I'm always learning and will never give up trying to improve on the work that I have already done.


My engraving is far deeper than you will find with laser engraving and etching using acid. I can engrave to far more levels of depth with shading and polishing by hand to make each piece of work very unique and I also sign all of my work.

I engrave pieces of work for all sorts of occasions and I also specialise in engraving glass for all of you who love the great outdoors so I have a range of walking related engravings in my online shop.

Bespoke engravings can be anything from animals and pet portraits to buildings, flowers and people portraits.

I design and create unique pieces for corporate presentations and award ceremonies as well as weddings and other special occasions.


Letter engraving costs start from £12 for the first ten letters then 75p per letter after that plus the cost of the glass and any other engraving work is charged depending on the complexity of the work, the time that it will take to complete it and the techniques used to engrave it.

If you have a budget I can always work to that and will put the equivalent time into the engraving.  

Click here to see my How to Commission an Engraving page


Engraved for Simpsons of Carnoustie Golf Shop Ltd, Carnoustie, Scotland.

2017-06-27 12.23.40 



This was one of my Art Pieces that sold a few years ago. This engraving was my main, show piece, exhibit at the Best of Britannia event held at the Old Historic Post Office at Preston in May 2015.

chinese cherry tree vase b

Crystal Bee Cube - From my new engraving collection.


 'A Special Place' - A group of trees somewhere on farmland in the Yorkshire Dales where a family once lived. Hand drill engraved Dartington Crystal bowl, commission. 


Graduation Portrait Engraving


BLACK CRAG -  214 Wainwrights Fells

This was a specially commissioned piece given as a gift for completing all of the 214 Wainwright Fells.s.

black crag goblet full

The commissioned presentation bowl below was engraved for the Friends of Rossendale Museum and was presented to Lois & Ron Howell who were the secretary and treasurer for the Friends of Rossendale Museum.

friends of rossendale museum for twitter 2

 WOLF MOON - Commissioned engraving.

wolf moon montage smaller resize 

Ink 48 Commission of wine glasses for an engagement which took place in the Ink 48 Restaurant at the top of a skyscraper in Manhattan, New York. (Below)

ink 48 engagement gift

The Ramsbottom dimple base whisky tumbler which can be purchased from my online shop.

ramsbottom whisky tumbler


three lsa tankards

I love walking especially in and around the Lake District but I also love art & photography too so now I've combined everything that I enjoy to give you my own engraved designs on glass and crystal.

I've incorporated walking map symbolism into my designs on my some of my glasses to give them a unique style and look that appeals to people who love walking, map reading and history and all of you who love the great outdoors.

Please have a look around to see if there is something you like and if not why not have something bespoke and unique created especially for you or as a gift for someone you love.

You can get some Ideas from some of the engravings that I have done for people on my past works and commissions page or send me an email to [email protected]

Please pop back now and again to see if there is something new as I will be adding more walk related glassware and images of fresh artwork and commissions in the future.

Thank you for visiting!