Hand Drill Window Engraving


This is a recent hand drill engraving of an owl swooping down to catch a field mouse nibbling on an ear of wheat.

I completed this engraving totally by hand using only a rotary hand drill. The glass is quite thick (4mm to 5mm) which enables me to cut deep to create a 3D effect.

I have also shaded the engraved image by smoothing and polishing the glass back to create a variety of tones from clear to white.

Here's the completed piece not long after I had finished engraving it so there are a few specks of glass dust and finger marks still on the glass. I took a quick photo to show off how it can look under a different light.

Finally this image shows a section of the engraving in close up, revealing the depth and detail as well as the shading in the image which in combination produces the 3D intaglio effect.