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    I was asked to engrave this ships crest on a Tankard to Commemorate a Mans 90th birthday.... a Man who served on the ship to clear the coastline of mines ready for the D-Day landings. HMS Ross served with the 5th Minsweeping Flotilla in 1940 and the excersise was code named Operation Dynamo.

    Ross was a Hunt Class Minesweeper, built by a Scottish ship building company Lobnitz & Co located at Renfrew on the River Clyde. The ship was launched on 12 June 1919. She was originally called HMS Ramsey but was renamed before the launch.

    HMS Ross made numerous trips and evacuated more than One Thousand Men of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk.

    In 1941 Ross was attacked by a German bomber a few miles from Aberdeen and she narrowly escaped when a bomb passed through her bow without exploding, leaving its tail fin behind.

    The ship was decommissioned in 1945 and was then sadly sold for scrap on 13 March 1947.

    hms ross


    A few months ago I was asked to create an engraving to present to the Houghton Weavers who are celebrating Lancashire Day at the IDL Club Haslingden this evening. I'ts also an extra special year for the Houghton Weavers with it being their 40th Anniversary Tour.

    Lots of ideas came and went and I tried to find something inspirational from their songs. 'The Rawtenstall Annual Fair' sprung to mind which wouldn't really have been fitting for Haslingden and another song 'Matchstalk Men & Matchstalk Cats & Dogs' brought images of musical notes slowly turning into Matchstalk Men dancing around a glass bowl but as I worked on various pieces through the months the thoughts of a Post Card slowly came to mind.

    post card to houghton weavers left side


    The message was....

    "Eigh up,

    Lanky leads the way

    Celebrating Lancashire Day,

    Ids awlus

    a Gradely Neet!"

    The Raft Foundation Rossendales Foodbank became the sender, the recipients are the Houghton Weavers and the Crystal Postcard would be sent care of the IDL Club Haslingden who are hosting the event.

    post card to houghton weavers right side

    Michael Davitt who founded the Land League in Haslingden became the image on the stamp with the post office date stamp being todays date!

    post card to houghton weavers top down